Pan Fried Polenta

I have a favorite lunch – I don’t’ do it very often these days, but I adore pan fried polenta.

My favorite way of serving it is to get the ready made tubes of polenta, slice it up and pan fry it. Sprinkle with a little kosher salt and serve with peach-mango salsa.

Now I know the husband would never think of this as lunch. But I love it.

How do you serve polenta?

Sometimes I think I’m a bad Italian. I grew up in a household that never made polenta. My mom’s family never did, which is strange because polenta originated in Northern Italy and my mom’s family was from Genoa. My dad’s family was from Arce, which is inland between Naples & Rome.  The first time I ever ate polenta was when my cousin cooked it for a family dinner. After chatting with her I have found out that her side of the family didn’t cook it either. I have no clue why.

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