Back to School: Essentials of the Sack Lunch

Back to School Essentials of the Sack Lunch – Gone are the days of the metal box covered with super heroes. In it’s place stands a modern, flashy model sporting insulation and a multitude of packaging options. This post contains external links to products found online – I am not receiving compensation for these links….

Pan Fried Polenta

I have a favorite lunch – I don’t’ do it very often these days, but I adore pan fried polenta. My favorite way of serving it is to get the ready made tubes of polenta, slice it up and pan fry it. Sprinkle with a little kosher salt and serve with peach-mango salsa. Now I…

Great Pasta Salad

This great pasta salad is my favorite and a “must make” for summertime – picnics, bbq, beach, lake, camping – I’ve taken it everywhere. My favorite thing about it is it’s an easy one to alter depending on your personal tastes & depending on what you happen to have in your kitchen at that moment….

Chips & a Deli Sandwich for Lunch

There are some days I just want to scream “Uncle” at the world and go back to bed. Obviously thank to this thing called adulting I cannot do that – so instead I hit the easy button. Chips & a deli sandwich for lunch it is, and you know what? I’m really, totally okay with…