Kitchen Gadgets

Recommended Kitchen Gadgets

Every cook needs to have good equipment in the kitchen. Below is my list of recommended kitchen gadgets – the kinds of things you want to have in your kitchen every day, and use regularly. This page contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


This is hands down my favorite mixer in the world.  The one I own is from their  Professional Series. It has a crank handle to lift the bowl into place and with a 6QT bowl it is a work horse that can easily make a double batch of any cookie dough.



We were given an older model Cuisinart as a wedding present. Happily it is still working. So here is a link to the newest model. These are fabulous for chopping, slicing and dicing.



For those times when you need to blend up something in small quantities and just don’t feel like pulling out the big food processor. The wand has a detachable base for easy cleaning.



This food slicer has been a kitchen staple since my husband was a culinary student in San Francisco. Don’t let the inexpensive looking plastic fool you. This is ripper sharp and does a great job cutting food items paper thin in no time flat.



Whether you’re needing lemon zest, chocolate shavings or grated Parm this is the tool for you.



My little hands demand knives that fit. For me this means Henckel knives. I’ve gone to kitchen stores and fondled the open stock knives with glee. For me an 8″ Chef’s Knife has the perfect hand. These ones are weighted perfectly for me. Keep in mind, this is a purely personal choice. I used to be a big fan of Chicago Cutlery and their gorgeous wood handles. Unfortunately my professional chef husband couldn’t get it through his head you don’t soak a wood handled knife – I shifted over to these and throw them on the top rack of the dishwasher. Easy cleaning = happy mom.



The professional chef husband loves his Global knives. He likes the way they feel in his hand and his cooking kit has quite a few of these in them. Check them out for yourself. As I mentioned above, finding a good knife is really a personal matter. You need to feel confident with how it feels in your hand. If you’re not comfortable with how it feels, you’ll never be comfortable cooking with it in your kitchen.