Summer Product Guide

Summer wouldn’t be complete without this must have Summer Product Guide. I hope you enjoy the goodies I’ve picked out and that these help you have a wonderful summer full of sun, fun, good food and great memories.

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Colorful Tote

No trip to the beach or lake would be complete without a pretty tote to carry all the necessities like your towel, sunblock and a good book.

Water/Sand Proof Phone Case

Nobody that spends time around the water should be without a good waterproof smart phone case. Trust me, one little dunk in salt water is all it takes to ruin a smart phone. They will not survive – instant brick. Happened to my husband once, and we’ve used water proof cases ever since.

Sun Shade

Even though I’m a total summer sun baby, spending an entire day in the sun can be a bit much. Thankfully there are wonderful sun shades out that act as a mini tent. Big enough for 3 people to sit inside and get out of the sun for a little while. Perfect for a day at the beach.

No Sand Beach Blanket

This is another on my must have list of things for a day at the beach. Nothing worse than going swimming and come back to the blanket only to get covered in sand because you just can’t seem to get it off the blanket easily. Check this one out – sand slips right through it. So smart!

Beach Corn hole

Beach. Corn. Hole… need I say more?

Low Beach Chair

This style low chair has always been my go-to for days at the beach or for a day watching field sports.

Easy to Carry Ice Chest

I love how easily you can pack for a day at the beach or the pool with this soft side ice chest. Plenty of room for lots of food and big long straps for hands free carrying.

Beach Cart

Anyone with kids knows you need to have something like this for a day at the beach. Wouldn’t it be nicer to load it all up and have one thing to manage, than to take trip after trip from the car to the beach? I now I sure hate multiple trips. Check out the big sand friendly wheels!