Holiday Cooking Product Guide


Every cook needs to have good equipment in the kitchen, especially as you head into the holiday entertaining season. Below is a list of recommended kitchen gadgets – the kinds of things you want to have and to use regularly. This page contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.





Silicon Baking Mat

Every kitchen should have a set of these if you do a lot of baking. Simple to use, and environmentally friendly because they’re reusable!







Hand Mixer

Be still my Gen X heart. Does anyone else have fond memories of holiday baking using an old fashion hand mixer? They are making a comeback, and are a great addition to your kitchen equipment.





Kitchen Scraper

We have a variety of these at my house. Not only are they handy to use for baking, but if you’re chopping a bunch of veggies and don’t want to move a cutting board over a bowl you can scrape them up with this and drop the chopped bits where you want them.








Herb Clippers

I don’t actually have these yet, but desperately want them! Don’t they look like fun?







Pasta Drainer

This is so convenient – it just clips onto the pot and easy draining. So much easier to use than my old hand held version.






Tortilla Warmer

This is a pretty tortilla warmer from Nordic Ware. Everyone should have a tortilla warmer in their kitchen. We use them every time we eat tortillas!





Enameled Cast Iron

I love my enameled cast iron pots and use them heavily when the seasons start to change and temperatures drop.





Roasting Pan

Anyone in the need for an additional roasting pan? In our house we have 2-3 just for holiday cooking. I really like this one, good weight, and cooks beautifully.