Orzo and Chicken Salad

I think you will like this recipe for orzo and chicken salad. This was my very own creating and it turned out so well, that the family asked me to keep it around. Bonus, this was a crazy easy recipe to make. I have since given it a tweak to match my gluten-free cooking needs….

Quick Meat Sauce

I like to make large batches of spaghetti sauce so I always have some in the freezer ready to thaw for a busy school night dinner. This quick meat sauce lives up to it’s name. It goes together quickly and is tasty as well. I prefer to make marinara for my batch cooking days, but…

Gluten Free American Chop Suey

This past fall I decided to try out recipes from homemade cookbooks from various women’s organizations. I discovered this recipe and gave it a gluten free/dairy free makeover in addition to adjusting some of the ingredients to match our Californian healthier eating habits. I hope you enjoy this recipe for gluten free American Chop Suey….

Pasta with Chickpeas

Here’s a fall recipe I thought you might like – pasta with chickpeas. This is a quick and easy recipe for busy school nights. Bonus it’s healthy and packed with protein. Word of warning, remember to put your garlic in the oil when the pan is COLD not hot. It prevents the garlic from burning….

Tortellini with Sweet Potato

When you’re a working mom you look for ways to incorporate vegetables into a meal with little to no stress, especially if dealing with small children that might not otherwise want to eat the veggies. This recipe for tortellini with sweet potato hits the spot. Not only is this an easy to make meal for…