Fall is a Great Time for Pantry Organization

I’ll show you mine – if you show me yours… Oh get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about your pantry! Fall is a great time for pantry organization.

I’m always curious what other people’s pantries look like. In the dream home of my future not only will I have a FULL walk-in pantry, but I’ll also have a butler’s pantry for all my platters, bowls and the like. Here’s what mine looks like on a regular basis…

A few years ago I decided the big pantry was a lost cause for small jars and containers, so I swapped out one shelf of items that kept getting lost for all the plates & bowls. I then put the small jars & containers of food in the narrower cupboard where I can see all the way to the back and no longer loose things (i.e. purchase them again because I couldn’t see that I had them).

My favorite addition to our kitchen is the built in can shelf I had put in a few years ago. Just narrow enough for a can, but open to the world so I can always see what I’m looking for!

Pantry Organization sloCooking.net

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Pantry Organization sloCooking.net   Pantry Organization sloCooking.net