Holiday Baking Flashback


This holiday baking flash back brings you back to my days as a caterer with 24/7 access to a commercial kitchen. I just can’t explain the joy of being able to bake off all my gingerbread cookies at once.

This is the first year in 7 years I won’t have access to those ovens and I’m going to miss them. I don’t miss the kitchen or having to run what can be considered a very crazy business, but I’m going to miss that HUGE pizza oven.  I could fit 4 full size sheet trays in it since it’s a double deck!

Holiday Baking Flashback from

Each year I used my traditional recipe – hope over to 11/28 to see it for yourself.

Oh and one more joy – if I forget something, I could SHOP my own dry stock pantry! I know – the little things. But I don’t regret our decision to change careers. There is so much less anxiety in our lives and so much more family time.

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