Christmas Dinner with the Fam

Christmas Dinner with the Fam

I just wanted to share with you our typical Christmas dinner with the fam. For our family the Christmas meal normally means roast beef and a turkey breast roast for those family members that don’t eat red meat. With the roasts we also serve sides of pan roast potatoes (there are NEVER enough of these for decent left overs), green beans, and other yummy things.Christmas Dinner from

It’s nice when eating doesn’t have to be such a chore and happy that many members of my family have dairy issues, so it’s not a big deal to cook without dairy on holidays.

Isn’t the hubs just glamorous? Somewhere along the line he decided he hates belts, and shifted over to suspenders. I mean really… suspenders.

Christmas Dinner from sloCooking.netThe little potato is one of the most amazing potato bites in the world. They get fried in the oven, with the roast beef, like in the same pan. They get crispy and crunchy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. Each year we add a few more potatoes to the count of those that get cooked, because each year the battle is real for who will get the last piece.

Christmas Dinner from sloCooking.netWhen I was little I really used to hate green beans. That is until I married my husband and he started making FRESH green beans for me. And not necessarily farmer’s market either – I know we try to do that a lot of the time, but sometimes it’s just too easy to shop for everything at the grocery store and only have one shopping expedition!  These he sautéed in olive oil with onion and garlic. He’s even been known to throw in some crispy bacon – nom nom, bacon!

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