Failure to Success – Accidental Creamed Spinach

So in an attempt to embrace the Irish in my family I’ve been on the hunt for Irish recipes. I’d love to hear from someone actually living in Ireland about Irish foods. Sadly my American friends with Irish roots were of no use with recipes unless they were drinks. I hope you enjoy this Irish recipe for dairy free creamed spinach.

I discovered this recipe that was called an Irish Spinach Tart. Either the recipe was bad or it took a turn for the worse since I had to substitute non-dairy cheese items due to my food allergies.

However, while this did not turn out exactly how it was supposed to, according to the hubs I did come up with a tasty dairy-free version of creamed spinach. Failure can still be a success!

Happy cooking.


10oz fresh baby spinach
1 medium white onion, chopped
1 egg, beaten
5oz plain coconut yogurt
5oz grated vegan Gouda cheese
½ tsp fresh ground pepper
Pinch nutmeg

  • Pre-heat oven to 350’
  • Combine chopped onion, egg, yogurt, cheese, pepper and nutmeg in a large bowl
  • Mix with spatula until blended – set aside
  • Heat pan on stove, add a bit of water & spinach, cover with lid
  • Cook covered for a few minutes, occasionally stirring until spinach is wilted
  • Place wilted spinach in a colander and press with a wooden spoon to release all moisture
  • When spinach is dry – rough chop and add to egg mixture
  • Fold with spatula until combined
  • Spray a small casserole with non-stick spray
  • Pour in spinach mixture
  • Cook 30-40 minutes until slightly brown on top & bubbly
  • Serve warm