Halloween Foods

Halloween Foods

With Halloween right around the corner I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite kid approved Halloween food recipes.

Edible Ghosts 

This savory potato snack is a great Halloween treat. I love all things potato – so making something with fingerling potatoes was a hands down winner with me.

Edible Ghosts from sloCooking.net #halloween #halloweenfoods
Finger Nibblers 

I just couldn’t resist making these edible finger nibblers. This recipe is one you’ll want to make for Halloween, you could even pack them in school lunches!

Floating Eyes

These are a fun drink for your next Halloween gathering. Or even if you just want to freak out your dinner guests next time you have company over for dinner.

Edible Skeletons

These edible skeleton bones for Halloween are a crowd pleaser.

Edible Skeletons from sloCooking.net #halloween #halloweenfoods

Chocolate Spiders

These easy to make chocolate spiders are a fun treat to make this Halloween. I went ahead and gave them my signature dairy-free tweak.

Creepy Crispies

Who doesn’t love crispy treats? Not anyone reading my blog! And certainly not anyone at my house. Here’s a recipe for creepy crispies that are fun and easy to make.

Monster Chow

Not only is this easy to make, but I’ve made it allergy safe so the whole family can enjoy it. Ok… so I can enjoy it!

Monster Eyes

These edible monster eyes are a fun snack to make for after school or for the kiddo’s next Halloween party.

I hope you and your family enjoy these Halloween food recipes this year. My family sure likes these.

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