How Do You Use Apples?

How Do You Use Apples?

How do you use apples? Cooking with apples is easy as apples grow on trees in plenty. As a fruit, there are several varieties. As a cooking ingredient, they are versatile. How do you use apples? What are your favorite uses for apples? Here are some of mine. I hope you enjoy these suggestions for how to use apples in recipes.

The first and foremost way that most people enjoy apples is in a pie. Apple pie is as American as baseball. Every mom and grandma has their own recipe for the crust and the filling, but the main thing is that apple pie always tastes great.

There is a short list of apple varieties to use in pies. Gala apples are a popular choice. They hold their shape during cooking and provide natural sweetness so less sugar is added. Yes, there is such a thing as too much sugar in a pie. The filling needs to be thickened and juicy but not syrupy sweet.

How do you use apples?

Granny Smith Apples

provide a tart contrast to the apple pie. Using Granny Smith alone may mean an extra pinch of sugar for taste. These apples are good for cooking. Mixing them with a few Gala or Jonathon apples combines both tart and sweet.

Apples are one of the few fruits that are acceptable in salads. Waldorf salad is known for its apples and walnuts. Add your apples right before you eat the salad to prevent browning. If you are taking a salad for lunch, spritz the apples with a bit of lemon juice to prevent turning.

Apples are used in glazes for meats. Pork chops and chicken are often paired with apples whether poached, sautéed, or combined in a syrupy glaze with cinnamon. The apples can also accompany these dishes on the side.

This popular fruit has found its way into breads, muffins, yogurt, pancakes, and other foods. For all of the baked recipes, choosing an apple that withstands heat will make the recipe a success. Soft apples are better for recipes that don’t involve any added heat because they lose form and become mushy.

Yellow Delicious Apples

are better in applesauce, apple butter, and apple cider. The process of creating apple cider is more than most people will do unless they own an orchard and plan to sell it. For applesauce, the process is simple and can be done for small or large batches.

If you like a lot of applesauce use a bushel of assorted apples and make a lot at one time. Homemade applesauce has only what you put into it. There are no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

We can eat an apple as is, or have some fun and fix them up. Try adding apples to a variety of your recipes for added flavor.

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